2021 Foals

Dauphin/High C’s Calypso (His Highness/Calypso II/Freiherr) due early May.

Diarado/SPS Cascade (Contendro I/Falkland/Goldstern) due early May.

Cabardino/Dauhlia (Dauphin/Wonderland/Western Star) due early June.

For Romance I/SPS Bella Lula (Belissimo M/Weltrhum/Donnerhall) due mid June.

2020 Foals

Deep C’s Calypso, 2020 Hanoverian Filly by Dauphin

Born April 2020, Deep C’s Calypso (Dauphin/His Highness/Calypso II) is a half sister to last year’s filly, Fair C’s Calypso.  Dark bay with a beautiful neck and feminine head, we just love this little girl!  From day one, Jett, as she is know around the barn, has been a real sweetheart; lovingly interacting with people.  Intelligent and confident, it has been easy to teach this filly to accept the halter, be led and handled.  We look forward to watching her develop.





Felicie, 2020 Hanoverian Filly by Fabregas

Born May 2020, Felicie (Fabregas/Dauphin/Wonderland) is quite the looker!  Full sister to 2016 Hanoverian Reserve Champion foal at Parkwood Stables, Ellie (barn name) impresses with her expressive movements, upright head and neck carriage and intelligence.  Liver chestnut with a huge splash of white on her head, this gal certainly has the WOW factor to complement her terrific gaits.  This is another young horse we are pleased with and look forward to watching develop.


2019 Foals

Fair C’s Calypso, 2019 Hanoverian Filly by Fabregas

Fancy has sold to a proud supporter of the equestrian sports.  Born April, 2019, Fair C’s Calypso (Fabregas/His Highness/Calypso II) is a full sister to our 2016 colt, Fredrick.  Fancy, as she is known around the barn, is a tall, beautiful bay filly with a temperament to match.  At three months of age, Fancy has already grown accustomed to wearing her halter and is successfully learning to lead.  We are excited by this little lady and look forward to working with Fair C’s Calypso in the future!




CC’s Crackerjack, 2019 Hanoverian Filly by Cabardino

Born June, 2019, CC’s Crackerjack (Cabardino/Calypso II/Falkland) is a full sister to our 2016 colt, Crosby.  CC, as we call her, is a very brave and spirited sort.  Smart and athletic, this little girl possesses good conformation and wonderful movement.  SPS Cascade has presented us with another very nice baby!


2018 FOALS

Bobby, 2018 Hanoverian Colt by Balou du Rouet

Bobby has sold to an equine enthusiast in British Columbia, Canada.  Bobby is the full brother to Bryer, 2017 Hanoverian Champion Jumper foal at Parkwood Stables in Rockwood, Ontario.  Once again, Cascade produced a typey, athletic foal by Balou du Rouet.  Bobby demonstrates the same elastic, elevated trot of his brother along with an strong athletic canter.  Another world class pedigree that includes all the good jumper lines behind him.  It will be interesting to see how this young fellow develops.





Frasier, 2018 Hanoverian Colt by Foundation

Frasier has sold to an equine enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.  Being so pleased with Dauhlia’s Fabregas filly in 2016,  we thought we’d try breeding her once again to a F-line stallion.  Foundation was our stallion of choice.  He fit our breeding criteria and was doing well at the young horse championships in Europe.  Crossed with Dauhlia’s elegant conformation, we feel Foundation brought power and strength to the table.  We are pleased with this foal!


2017 FOALS

Bryer, 2017 Hanoverian Colt by Balou du Rouet

fredrick-trotting-at-parkwoodBryer has sold to an equine enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.  Bryer’s sire, Balou du Rouet occupies the 7th place in the WBFSH World Show Jumping Ranking and is # 6 in the USEF list of Top Jumping Sires. With many licensed sons and the sire of many Young Horse Class Champions, this stallion is of international standing and the producer of quality!

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2016 FOALS

2016 Registered Hanoverian Colt by Fabregas

fredrick-trotting-at-parkwoodFredrick has sold to a dressage enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.  Big and powerfully built, Fredrick impresses with his harmonious body structure and elastic gaits.

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2016 Hanoverian Colt by Cabardino N

cascade-and-crosby-side-shotCrosby has sold to a hunter/jumper enthusiast is Quebec, Canada.  Flashy and refined, Crosby impresses with his excellent movement and athleticism.

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2016 Registered Hanoverian Filly by Fabregas

Francesca has sold to a dressage enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.  Elegant and harmonious, Francesca has all the grace and beauty needed for the big ring.


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2014 FOALS

_0148137Guns ‘n’ Roses (Graf Top/Contendro/Falkland) At his inspection, this jumper colt impressed the judges with his well muscled hind end and powerful movements. Sold to an equestrian enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.



2013 FOALS

_LOP7434Vin Diesel (Valentino/Dauphin/Wonderland) This colt was selected as Champion Hanoverian Dressage Foal for 2013. Diesel demonstrated the best trot at the inspection; active with lots of rhythm and a good use of his hind end and shoulder. Sold to a breeding farm in Ontario, Canada.



IMG_3120_1Georgie Girl (Graf Top/Contendro/Falkland) Full sister to our 2014 colt, Guns ‘n’ Roses. This filly was imported from Germany with her dam, St. Pr. St. Cascade (Contendro/Falkland/Goldstern). Called back to the final ring at her foal show in Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Germany, Georgie demonstrated the same dynamic movements as her brother. Sold to an equestrian enthusiast in Ontario, Canada.


2012 FOALS

_DSC9723Valentina (Valentino/Dauphin/Wonderland) A beautiful full sister to the 2013 Hanoverian Dressage Champion, Vin Diesel. This very modern filly demonstrates a beautiful rhythmic trot. Congratulations to Jane Hyndman on the purchase of Valentina. We wish her well as she starts this wonderful new partnership and we hope Tina brings her many years of enjoyment and friendship.



Marjorie visiting Cascade and her Goldfever colt at Hof Bruning Germany2012 Colt (Goldfever/Contendro/Falkland) A modern, elegant dark bay colt out of St. Pr. St. Cascade. This athletic colt demonstrates good technique over the jumps. Sold to a breeding farm in Germany.




2011 FOALS

_0112845Highland Lily (Hampton/Dauphin/Wonderland) Very flashy dark bay filly with nice movement! Sold to a breeding farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada.